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The Center for Transforming Lives
2018 Benefit Booth
Fort Worth Show of Antiques & Art March 2, 3, 4, 2018

The 2018 Fort Worth Show of Antiques & Art welcomes the Center for Transforming Lives as a Benefit Booth at the March 2, 3, 4 Show at the Will Rogers Memorial Center. The Center for Transforming Lives has itself been transformed from the oldest YWCA in Texas to a newly named, much more ambitious program to help women and children leave the cycle of poverty and homelessness for a future with stability, independence and hope.

It’s working! Their butterfly logos is the symbol of their goal for the over 2500 women that the Center has worked with in the last few years. Their plan is to help 10,000 women and children each year by 2023. Often, these women have survived settings of domestic abuse and find themselves homeless with children. In our beautiful Tarrant County, there are over 7,000 children under the age of six who are homeless---who sleep in homeless shelters or in vehicles or on the streets. The Center for Transforming Lives seeks to intervene with mothers and these children by providing housing stability, high-quality child-care and financial empowerment and training for employment, money management and other steps for helping a family overcome the trauma of homelessness.
        Original YWCA Elevator
                                                            The CTL Today

Over 100 years ago, the YWCA provided a safe, clean boarding house for young women trying to find their footing in early Fort Worth. Today the historic building provides an always-full emergency shelter for women and a booming child care facility for children aged six weeks to five years, available while their mothers work or seek work and training. The Center offers additional early childhood care and development programs with larger sites in the UTA Arlington area, in the Poly neighborhood, with more on the drawing boards. 

“We know that the stress of homelessness significantly impacts children, including child brain development,” says CTL Donor Relations Manager Ana Van de Venter, above
 “Providing early childhood education for homeless and low-income children is a crucial component of ending poverty’s vicious cycle.” Ana explains that sometimes education alone is not sufficient. The CTL answer: a two-generation approach. “Two-generation family services break the poverty cycle by helping the whole family achieve immediate stability, which leads to long-term independence,” says Ana. Critical to this strategy are financial coaches, social workers and Early Head Start family advocates who address each family’s most immediate needs.

How does the CTL do all of this? They do it by involving the Fort Worth community in creating businesses for CTL clients to receive training and to build support for CTL programs. These businesses range from a Salsa production company to the ReSale Shop on Camp Bowie Blvd. to the Triumph Catering & Events Company to the Historic 512 Venue Company that offers private, corporate and wedding space at the lovely 512 West 4th Street headquarters. All of these creative endeavors roll up their sleeves and work together to provide opportunity, employment and training.

The Center for Transforming Lives offers a holistic approach to recovery from poverty, homelessness or domestic abuse. It is not enough to provide just emergency shelter or just a job or just child care. As any parent knows, all of these things must work together for long-term success. In addition, the support and training that a family receives from the CTL will give them the tools and confidence that they need to cope with future challenges and stay independent. As Ana puts it, “We offer the whole picture.”

Plan to shop in the Center for Transforming Lives Benefit Booth at the Fort Worth Show of Antiques & Art March 2,3,4, 2018. From salsa to vintage décor, with all proceeds benefitting the CTL. To donate items for the Benefit Booth, contact the Fort Worth Show of Antiques & Art at 817-291-3952.

And today?
How can you help these families thrive now?

Donate a tax-deductible gift of any size at

Help the Center identify local jobs that TCL clients might apply for and receive training. This is a key to the whole process. Call Kim Clarke, Director of Family Strengthening Services at (817) 546-5542

The ReSale Shop!
Donate (and shop) all kinds of gently used items, jewelry and clothing for the ReSale Shop at 6500 Camp Bowie Blvd. in Fort Worth. Open Mon. 10-5, Tues.-Sat. 10-6. To volunteer, donate or for furniture pick-up, call 817-377-0664. The CTL sponsors “Clean Out-Help Out!” in Spring 2018 as a community-wide effort to donate housewares, furniture and clothing.  See more info on items accepted at

Client Assistance and Encouragement!
Donate new or gently used items for clients such as pots and pans, furniture and cleaning supplies for apartments, as well as gifts, educational books and school supplies for kids. You can even “adopt” an emergency shelter room, providing paint, décor, full size or long-size twin sheets and bedding. Call Ana Van de Venter at (817) 484-1537 or Email:
(Due to safety recall issues, the CTL cannot accept donations of cribs, stuffed animals or toys.)

March 28 Annual Luncheon!
Sponsor the March 28, 2018 Transforming Lives Annual Luncheon (sponsorship are $2500-$25,000) Call Ana Van de Venter at (817) 484-1537 or Email:

Historic 512 Venue!
Host your next event at the 512 West 4th Street building –weddings, parties, meetings in a convenient downtown and beautiful setting. Contact 817-484-1544. See

Triumph Catering & Events!
Enjoy catering services provided by the CTL for private and corporate events of all sizes. Contact 817-484-1544  or 817-546-5546

Contact Ana Van de Venter at 817-484-1537 to join in a monthly tour of the CTL or for other information.

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