Friday, March 4, 2011

With a Whole Heart - Meet Cissy Thompson

 Sometimes in the world of antiques your very best find will be a thing. Sometimes it’s a friend. Meet my friend Cissy Thompson, Associate Director of the Dolly Johnson Antique and Art Show. Cissy and I met over a decade ago when she was helping to run McKinney Avenue Antiques Market in Dallas. In fact, I found a mother-lode of friends in my years as a dealer at McKinney Avenue Antiques. Today Cissy is the face of the Dolly Johnson Show, out and about almost every day to meet and encourage North Texans to check out the show. 

Cissy lives in Fort Worth, where her heart belongs to TCU. Her heart also belongs to her husband James and her family. And, luckily for me, her heart has embraced the 48th Annual Dolly Johnson Antique and Art Show. Cissy, with the help of another McKinney Ave friend Barbara Felty, has delivered thousands of our beautiful show postcards to antique shops in and surrounding the DFW area. She led up the mailing party for the show, organized all the folks who will run the show ticket desks for us and has personally invited most of north Texas. “What’s next?” she asks.

 Cissy clipped and sent me a snippet from Parade Magazine with this statement by comedian Aisha Taylor: “I really believe that engaging in everything that you feel excited about keeps you creative, keeps your life interesting.”

Really engaging describes the quality of commitment and energy that Cissy brings to the show and to everything that she selectively determines to do. She has a positive, creative approach to life and, consequently, her life is interesting. Boredom is not part of Cissy Thompson's world.

She teaches me that, if something is worth doing, do it with your whole heart. See Cissy here with more than a few pieces of the brown and white transferware that she collects. Blue and white? Not this cowgirl. Cissy collects deep, not broad. 

She did confide, though, that she made an exception and bought the small Texas landscape behind the dishes at last year's Dolly Johnson Show.  

Boy, is she going to fall over when she sees the "Texian Campaigne" transferware plates and platters coming to the show with dealer Jerry Wood of LA. These dishes were made about 1842 to celebrate the independence of Texas. Miss Ima Hogg's collection of these dishes is at the Bayou Bend Museum in Houston and the official Texas collection belongs to the Governor's Mansion.   

On March 11-12, meet Cissy Thompson and the whole team that will help to create the 48th Annual Dolly Johnson Antique and Art Show, which will soon be here!

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