Thursday, December 31, 2015

Exhibitor News - Andrew Church

    Meet Fort Worth Show exhibitor Andrew Church. 

      When I first took over the Fort Worth Show, Andrew Church was the very first dealer I called to invite to join the show. It took some convincing to get him to take a gamble on Fort Worth and Dallas, but he came. His booth is amazing. Even the pile of merchandise when he first drops it off is amazing. 

   Andrew is a cutting edge dealer.                                                                                          He creates trends for antiques and art.

 He is credited with helping to launch industrial antiques and early metal furniture stripped back to its factory steel. You can pay thousands of dollars to companies that make new "antique" reproductions to buy the styles that Andrew has pioneered. 

    Or you can come March 3,4,5 and buy the real thing. 
                                     Metal, art, industrial, modern, old, fun, cool.                                                                                    

   We are proud to have Andrew Church in the Fort Worth Show of Antiques & Art, which will soon be here. Enjoy these views of merchandise he is bringing March 3,4,5, 2016.
1911 Galveston, TX Brewing Co. Trophy Cup

Wood and Steel
Function and Design


Antique & Vintage Art
Mid-Century Studio Pottery from Texas and Italy. 

                                    What will Andrew find next? 

                                Come find out at the
                                    Fort Worth Show of Antiques & Art!      

                        March 3,4,5, 2016 Fort Worth Show                                                                                              Tickets on Sale now at

Monday, December 28, 2015

Artist Susan Fuquay - "The joy of all art is quite simply a collaboration between spirits"

On a dreary North Texas winter day, we share some of the joyful artwork coming to the Fort Worth Show with Texas artist Susan Fuquay. This will be Susan's second year to exhibit in the show's "Art Dept." The Art Dept. will offer 22 gallery booths for antique & contemporary art. 
   Susan's work features traditional subjects, mostly landscapes and still lifes, but with a modern hand, almost "plein art" technique that reminds me of the great California painters, painting out in the open. Scenes include New Mexico and other places where Susan has lived and travelled.  

As she puts it:
     "Painting is so much more than what is seen on the canvas. It is an emotional connection between artist and viewer. A good work of art conveys the artist's thoughts, ideas and visions in a pleasing fashion connecting on some level with the viewer. Thus each work is unique to not only the artist's vision and brushwork, but also to you the viewer — because of your own unique experiences. The joy of all art is quite simply a collaboration between spirits.... I joyfully paint what I see — whatever inspires an idea or message — whether it be a landscape or still life. Hopefully what I see and express in my art will inspire and therefore bring you joy as well."

See Susan Fuquay at the Fort Worth Show of Antiques & Art, which will soon be here!
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