Saturday, February 2, 2013

We're on Market Warriors Mon Feb. 4 PBS

Catch us, Della and Jan Orr-Harter, on PBS "Market Warriors" Mon. Feb 4, 8 pm Central Time on KERA Ch. 13 in DFW or 9pmET/PT, right after "Antiques Roadshow."
Well, it started like this: we left Texas last summer, spent a night in NM with a Paschal High School friend...then drove straight across the desert to LA and put our toes in the Pacific Ocean.

Then we found our way to Long Beach and parked along the curb in the dealer line at Veterans' Stadium to wait all night to set up at the Long Beach antiques/flea market at 5 the next morning. We drove half way across America and we were second in line. It's a great outdoor monthly show, but it was a long way from our prairie home.   

In the early dark morning, we set up our booth, mostly vintage jewelry and mid-century modern. Jan takes off "in search of merch" and looking for dealers to invite to the Fort Worth Show. Della, an old hand after growing up in the antiques business, runs the booth. A tough bargain involved the money that she would get to keep-- most of it. Della was 12.

Arriving back at the booth, Jan sees a camera crew listening to Della's remarks--on what??
Turns out that "Market Warriors" was filming an episode and we were going to be in it.
That's all I'm allowed to say in advance! But you can see the Long Beach episode this Monday Feb 4 on PBS nationwide, 8 CT (9ET/PT). That's me hiding under a hat after sitting up all night in the van. Oh well, so much for my close up!

See the 1970s Milo Baughman cocktail table in our booth? Burl wood and steel, very sexy. It debuted at last year's Fort Worth Show, but was snapped up by a Long Beach shopper. The magazine on the table shows the same Milo Baughman table in Jonathon Adler and Simon Doonan's FL home.

Get yourself to the Fort Worth Show! 
50th Year! Fri. March 8 - Sat. March 9, which will soon be here.