Friday, January 4, 2013

From California to Curtis, Michigan, this Show was Made for You & Me

This is such a cool job! Driving all over America looking for the very best mix of antiques and art dealers to invite to the March 8-9 Fort Worth Show of Antiques and Art. As far as I know, no one anywhere ever before has had the privilege of creating a 50th anniversary for an antique show this big, this diverse and this much fun. I’m trying to not screw it up!

The search began with a drive to California. And, as we crossed the Mojave Desert, what did we see in the distant horizon?
A sign of hope: Antiques in the desert!

We made it to Long Beach, CA (you can see Della and me on the PBS “Market Warriors” Long Beach episode on Monday Feb. 4). We drove up one side of the state and down the other. Next we hit New Mexico with Associate Show Director Cissy Thompson, looking for dealers from mid-century modern to Native American and African tribal art. Up to Oklahoma, over to Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, New York and Massachusetts. Spent the night on the edge of Niagara Falls. Back down to Texas, to Round Top, back up to Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, and as far north as Curtis, Michigan in the Upper Peninsula, actually about as far north as you can go.  This week we’ll hit Kansas City and tiny Weston, MO, home of our friend Fancy from Cactus Creek Trading Co. We get around.
The show is filling up with over 100 of the most creative, cutting-edge exhibitors from coast to coast. For previews of dealers and merchandise coming to the 50th Anniversary Fort Worth Show March 8 - 9, sign in to follow this blog at or a take a little peek on 

Save the Date. Tell a Friend. Stay Tuned.