Monday, March 5, 2012

Uncommon Objects of Austin to Exhibit at the March 9-10 Antique & Art Show DFW

Uncommon Comes to Cowtown
Booth Talk with Steve Wiman, Proprietor of Uncommon Objects, at the March 9-10 Dolly Johnson Antique & Art Show in Fort Worth.
Topic: "Simplify with Color"
Times: Fri. at 5 pm & Sat. at 1pm. Booth F3

The Austin store Uncommon Objects will come to life this Friday and Saturday at the Dolly Johnson Antique & Art Show, filling a premiere booth with the spirited, affordable vintage and antique items that have landed the store on “the best” lists of The New York Times, Elle D├ęcor, Texas Monthly and others since 1991.

Proprietor Steve Wiman and Manager Van Harrison will select the objects coming to Fort Worth from among the 20 dealer exhibits at the South Congress-Austin store. Harrison is the nephew of Fort Worth mayor Betsy Price.  

In addition to founding Uncommon Objects, Steve Wiman is an artist “whose medium,” according to Tribeza magazine, “is found-object assemblage (think Robert Rauschenberg by way of Joseph Cornell) and his aesthetic is what makes Uncommon uncommon.”

As Wiman himself puts it, “Uncommon Objects is a junk mecca full of quirky stuff: oddities, urban artifacts, antiques, collectibles and ‘raw’ materials for creative living.... My antique business, my art-making and my life are bound together by a common goal--- find beauty where you can and make the most of it.”

For 20 years, Uncommon Objects has been a vibrant and affordable port-of-entry into antique and vintage living for a generation of American young people---- ‘Antiques 101’ at its best.

But Uncommon Objects is also a not-so-secret source for those long-besotted with antiques.

For me, as director of the oldest Antique Show in the American West, it's exciting to welcome the best antique store in Texas to the Dolly Johnson Antique & Art Show. I always emerge from their mix with both an object and an objective for living life with more passion and joy.

 I went last summer to the Uncommon Objects 20th Anniversary 20 hour sale on June 20. The giant "20" in the store window and the streamers were all made out of the saved price tags of 20 years worth of sales. Now that's thinking ahead re-purposing!  

Shop with Uncommon Objects this week at the 49th Annual Dolly Johnson Antique & Art Show in Fort Worth. Free Booth talks with Steve Wiman will last about 15 minutes on Friday at 5pm and again on Sat. at 1pm in Booth F3. Topic: "Simplify with Color."

When in Austin, Visit Uncommon Objects at 1512 S. Congress, Austin, TX 78704 Open Daily.

See more on Uncommon Objects and the March 9-10 Dolly Johnson Antique & Art Show in the hot-off-the-press March 2012 issue of our fabulous 360West Magazine in Fort Worth at: