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Pet Adoption Benefit Booth - The Saving Hope Foundation

Pet Adoption Booth at the Show March 3,4,5

The Fort Worth Show of Antiques and Art welcomes the Saving Hope Foundation as one of our two Benefit Booths at the March 3, 4, 5, 2016 show. Instead of finding antiques in their booth, you’ll see the wagging tails of pets available for adoption with the help of the Humane Society of North Texas.  

Who knows? Maybe you will make a friend for life at the Fort Worth Show– or lend your help to the work of the Saving Hope Foundation. 

My hunch is that most people who like antiques & art & homes also love animals. Many of you reading this may live now with pets, including perhaps pets that you have adopted--- or that have adopted you. We live with three “walk ons.” Wouldn’t have it any other way.

North Texas has an over population of unwanted animals and crowded shelters. As Saving-Hope co-founder Gloria Moncrief Holmsten puts it, "Our goal is to save as many animals as possible." The Saving Hope Foundation raises and distributes funds to provide pet owner education, free and low cost spay/neuter and vaccination services and other steps to keep animals in their homes, especially in neighborhoods where the greatest number of unwanted animals are located. They work to find new homes and to reduce the pressure on area shelters. In this way, they believe that as many animals as possible can be saved and adopted into new homes. Learn more at

The Saving Hope Foundation started three years ago with the rescue of one dog, Hope, who had been tortured and left for dead just west of Fort Worth. Her story inspired the work that continues today. Over the last three years, Saving Hope has raised over $500,000, using it to provide free and low cost spay/neuter and vaccination services to over 12,000 animals. With community support, they expect to provide this help to another 4,000- 5,000 animals in 2016, as well as to advocate that North Texas families and individuals rescue their next pet.

The Saving Hope Foundation creates and supports partnerships with other local groups such as the Spay-Neuter Network, which operates the “Hope Mobile,” taking free and low cost pet medical services into communities, and the Texas Coalition for Animal Protection. Learn more at

At the Benefit Pet Adoption Booth at the Show March 3, 4, 5, you will meet The Saving Hope Foundation’s partners from The Humane Society of North Texas.

Founded in 1905, the HSNT proclaims a mission of “Kindness, Justice and Mercy to Every Living Creature.” Their staff and volunteers will help show visitors “meet and greet” the animals and process the small amount of paperwork to adopt one of the featured future pets. 

All animals in the Pet Adoption Booth will be healthy, vaccinated, spayed or neutered, micro-chipped and ready to go. Learn more at

Can’t Adopt Now? Lend Support!
If you can’t adopt right now, you can still support the Saving Hope Benefit Booth by...
 ---Purchasing a t-shirt
 ---Shopping the selection of donated vintage items
 ---Buy or support the fantastic, brand new Hope & Friends Book, a coffee table-style book with page after page of photos of pets and their families.

The Hope & Friends Book is a major fundraiser for the Saving Hope Foundation each year. Families and individuals can purchase pages in the book to feature their pets, with all funds going to the Foundation’s work. This year the cover art on the book was painted by artist Cindy Holt. Last year it was by President George W. Bush. You can also buy a print of the covers at the Benefit Booth at the Fort Worth Show.
The book is filled with great quotes and photos of all kinds of dogs, a few cats and even a pet Longhorn. My favorite quotes in the book are:

“You save an animal once, and they save you a hundred times over.” 
                 --Kit Moncrief, Co-Founder of the Saving Hope Foundation

“Dogs have given us their absolute all. We are the focus of their love
 and faith and trust. They serve us in return for scraps. It is without a
 doubt the best deal humanity has ever made.” –Roger Caras

“If there are no dogs in heaven… then when I die,  I want to go where they went.”
                                                                            --Will Rogers

Solving animal abandonment, abuse and shelter overpopulation requires multiple strategies. Working with local government, shelters and animal aid and rescue groups, The Saving Hope Foundation brings together and distributes funding to provide vaccination/spay/neuter services to help residents afford to keep their animals and to reduce the number of abandoned animals. 

At the same time, they work to encourage and support adoptions so that new homes are found and families find new pets. 

The Fort Worth Show of Antiques & Art is honored to provide a three day public setting where future pets can come out into the community to seek their future families. Come by and say hi!

Our other 2016 Benefit Booth supports The Parenting Center.  Stay tuned for news on the work that The Parenting Center does for children and families in Fort Worth.
See you March 3,4,5, 2016 at the 53rd Annual Fort Worth Show of Antiques & Art, which will soon be here!

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