Friday, February 12, 2010

One Month till Show Time! What’s Your Best Ever Buy from the Dolly Johnson Show?

Today is one month to show time for the 47th Annual Dolly Johnson Antique and Art Show March 12 -13. Let’s do some "show and tell." 

This is your invitation to write a comment (see comment button below—it won’t bite). Tell us about your absolutely favorite best ever buy at the Dolly Johnson Antique and Art Show.

The photo here comes from Lisa Hull, owner of diGs (artifacts for the home), which is a delightful new booth at Montgomery Street Antique Mall, aisle 7, in Fort Worth. Lisa writes, “Here are the chairs that I bought at last year’s Dolly Johnson Show. I know now that you are a ‘chair’ person…By the way, I loved the invitation/announcement to the show. It was stunning. I look forward to seeing you at the show.”

So send words, send photos, tell us your treasures!

For some, this will be easy, like the magazine editor who confided to me this week that she found her “best score ever--- a pair of 1940s Olsen-Stelzer cowboy boots and matching belt--- at the Dolly Johnson show many years ago.”

For others, it’s going to be hard. I think of people who have bought something wonderful every year of the show and have 46 prior prizes. You know who you are.

I think of my friends William and Laura who probably won’t tell us their favorite, but it’s a long list of possibilities. William is famously always the first person in line for the show.

I think of my friend Linda, who year after year looks for the artwork of her uncle, BJ Lore, illustrator of the program covers for the Fort Worth Fat Stock Show and Rodeo for decades. She came to my booth, so discouraged. “I’ll never find anything.” In the very next booth, she found a 1930s Texas elementary school reader with illustrations by her uncle—for $5.

My own favorite buy at the Dolly Johnson Show cost quite a bit more than that and I ended up buying it, selling it and then buying it back. But that’s another story. Stay tuned.

For now, one month from the show, what marvelous and wonderful thing did you buy at the Dolly Johnson Antique and Art Show?
And, if you have to, you can tell us about the one that got away!

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  1. Hello, Jan,

    My best "buy" wasn't a buy at all, but a quote from Dolly when I interviewed her for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram before some major anniversary of the show. I visited her at her home, and she graciously gave me a tour of her collections. I believe she was talking about a short stint when she sold antiques, as opposed to (or maybe in addition to) running the show.(I could be remembering this wrong.) I'm probably misquoting her, but as I recall, she said something to the effect, "I don't like to sell. I like to buy." She was a true collector, as well as a true individual.

    Carol Nuckols


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